RENAISSANCE HOTEL, Corporate Sales Manager

Collabor8’s attention to detail, devotion to their clients, and passion for creating successful events each and every time is what sets them above the rest. I have seen them transform meeting rooms into a high-end modern lounge, an interactive sports bar, and create a winter wonderland in midsummer. No matter what the event – each Collabor8 event receives the same response – spectacular and flawless! Their innovative ideas, dedication to client satisfaction, and flawless execution are why they are so highly respected in the industry. Collabor8 Event Group is my first recommendation when a client is looking for an event partner that will create a memorable experience!

Corporate Sales Manager


There was a lot riding on this event, with 800 people attending including our worldwide CEO and other key executives, along with salespeople from over 70 countries around the world. You did an outstanding job and continually went above and beyond our highest expectations. Even with changes, additional requests and weather issues to deal with, you made it all happen flawlessly, no matter what. We were certainly in the best of hands and look forward to working with you on future events.


Westin Charlotte

Collabor8 Event Group is a great partner. Their planners go to great lengths to understand the needs and goals of the client. They are detail oriented and there every step of the way from the introduction, proposal, planning, and execution of events. What is promised is what is delivered with the WOW factor behind it all. I have clients that call to say thank you for referring Collabor8 Event Group to assist in their event management and how the delivery was of the highest quality.

Westin Charlotte

Premier Inc.

As an experienced meeting planner who has worked on many sides of the industry, I tend to do things all on my end and was hesitant to pull in someone to help me. However, after meeting with you and discussing our requirements, I knew you were the partner for me. I needed someone who would allow me to be as involved as I wanted to be, make recommendations on vendors, and feel like I played a major part in the planning and you did just that. You saw my vision and worked closely with me to find the right mix of vendors and activities, and then did all the hard legwork required to pull off the entire series of challenging events. You truly have a passion for what you do and it showed in all the work you did on this project. I fully recommend you to anyone who may be looking for a company that “gets it” and will create a memorable, unique experience for all attendees.

Premier Inc.

Continental Tire the Americas
Collabor8 is not only one of my trusted partners, they are a valuable resource for executing all events and meetings small or large! Simply put, sometimes I just couldn’t pull it off without my team at Collabor8. I look forward to our partnership for many more years to come, and the opportunity to create memorable event experiences for guests!

Continental Tire the Americas